To develop and nurture a Education System, Medical, Sports and other government and private departments in the country which would produce skilled manpower of the highest quality comparable to the very best in the world and inadequate numbers to meet the complex needs of the economy, and provide the nation a comparative advantage in the creation and propagation of innovative solutions and in the development of a technological capacity of the highest order, both for its application in economic development of the country and for becoming a major supplier of technology and services in the world.


To plan and design innovative projects for total quality improvement in the education system in the country.
To coordinate, monitor and review project implementation
To liaise with project stakeholders such as Central Government, State Governments, State Technical Education Departments, Institutions, Training providers, funding agencies and industry etc;
To disseminate success stories and lessons learnt from the successful projects.
To undertake research studies for developing models of successful Project implementation.
To prepare guideline documents.
To conduct training workshops on effective implementation of the Projects.
To develop close linkages and networks among different agencies.
Seamlessly Integrated Services across departments or jurisdictions.
To Develop a model project management system.


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